Frequently Asked Questions

When is the due date to send in the video recording?

It is recommended that you send your videos no later than the end of May 2010.

Please note that we start scheduling the students by mid August and if you want to reserve courses you must finish all the registration procedure by the beginning of July.

Registering after July may create problems in scheduling.


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How professional should the recording be?

You should perform at your best in the videos. However, a home recording in more than enough and no studio recording is needed as long as the music comes out clear enough.

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Should the video performance consist of 2 or 3 music pieces?

The more music you record the better idea about your musicality and versatility we'll have. However, 3 tunes are enough.

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Can the songs be in English or should one choose a variety of styles and languages?

Any language and style is fine.

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What does the entrance exam consist of?

Our entry exams are designed to check not only theoretical knowledge but other skills such as solfege, notation, playing on an additional instrument and musical memory.

We also check your ensemble rating, find out about any additional vocal technique you might have and get to know you better by a personal interview.

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Does one still have to pass an entrance exam in theory, harmony and rhythm in order to be accepted?

One can be accepted to Rimon without any previous knowledge in theory or music notation.

However, in this case, it is required to take a crash course in theory, given by Rimon in the summer prior to the beginning of the school year, and pass it successfully.

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What is the duration of the Rimon/MASA program?

The Rimon/MASA program covers only one year out of the 3 required for diploma. MASA student who wish to continue his studies after the first year must finance his tuition and costs of living by himself.

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What is the nature of the program for the Rimon/MASA student?

A Rimon/MASA student is a regular student like all the other students at school. The only difference is that he/she receives a scholarship, does not have to worry about housing, food, health insurance etc, get 2 months of a Hebrew Ulpan prior to the beginning of the school year and get to know more about Israel by having sight seeing tours around the country, cultural events, etc.

Due to the nature of music studies, each student has an individual program. Therefore the Rimon/MASA students function at Rimon as individuals rather than as a group.

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Does one need to know Hebrew in order to study at Rimon?

All of our classes are taught in Hebrew. Therefore it is highly recommended to start taking private Hebrew lessons as soon as possible. The 2 months of Hebrew studies at the Ulpan (see question 7) are not sufficient for understanding the material covered in the various courses without a previous knowledge in Hebrew.

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