About Rimon

The Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music is Israel's largest, independent, professional music school for the advanced study of contemporary music. Over 600 students and 105 faculty members work in a creative environment, designed to provide the most comprehensive music learning experience possible. Our goal is to educate and train Rimon students to have successful and enriching careers in music.

For over 25 years, the Rimon School has been home to talented musicians from all over the world seeking personal creative expression in contemporary music. Students from all over the world including Russia, South America, the U.S. and Europe find a haven at Rimon as they acclimate themselves to an enriching music study course. Israelis join the international mix of cultures, life styles and musical influences on campus. All our students have an opportunity, in a non-pressured environment, to familiarize themselves with the dynamic cultural-crossovers taking place in today’s music scene.

Rimon started out by creating studios and classrooms in a few abandoned buildings in Ramat HaSharon, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Soon we were overwhelmed with applicants looking to study the music they loved in a collaborative atmosphere of learning, playing and performing. We've rebuilt our campus and each year we continue to innovate, improve and adapt our facilities to support our goals. We’ve built new performance spaces; practice and teaching rooms; a sophisticated recording studio and a music technology room as well as an extensive library. Students and teachers take breaks from classes to jam and study in our outdoor warm Mediterranean climate.

Rimon offers a three year program that focuses on eight majors: Composition and Arranging, Film Scoring, Songwriting, Jazz Performance, General Performance, Music Production and Engineering, Music Education and an advanced Combined Program of Composition, Performance and Production. The Rimon International Music Program is an opportunity to come for a 1 year taste of the Rimon school and be a part of the lively educational atmosphere allowing you to take the skills learned back to your home country or to further your studies at Rimon.



Music is a powerful and fulfilling tool we use towards personal growth. At Rimon, our mission is to educate and guide our students toward realizing their personal musical goals.  Whether your musical interests lie in rock ‘n roll, jazz, pop, ethnic or world music, through a dynamic curriculum and a highly motivated teaching staff, Rimon is dedicated to helping young musicians excel in their passion for making music. We believe that by exposing our students to a wide range of artistic possibilities, whether it’s in the studio or on stage, they will graduate from Rimon with the practical skills needed to have a career in the music world today.


The birth of the blues and the evolution of jazz provided the world with a platform to improvise – to take music where it had never been taken before. Jazz transformed the musician into a "composing performer". The “composing performer” is the basis of our teaching philosophy.

Through a solid foundation in music theory and practice, combined with an openness to embrace all styles, all genres and directions of contemporary music, our students can explore the depths of their own creative power. Musical creativity has no boundaries and we encourage our students to explore and embrace their personal vision and their intuitive power to improvise and create. At Rimon, we believe in excellent musicianship and strive to help students reach and explore the promise of their talent.


Rimon students jump right in from the first day of the academic year and start to play. The teaching style at Rimon resembles a work/study program. At Rimon, the work you do is playing and performing, and the study is the exploration of your own musical voice built on a solid foundation in theory.

The teachers at Rimon are working professionals with a wide range of musical experience from all over the world. They are committed to sharing those years of experience and expertise with their students. 

Students at Rimon are assigned to ensemble classes immediately upon enrolling. They have the opportunity to record their work using our new recording studio on campus and we encourage them to start playing, to participate in campus concerts and to start "gigging".

By providing a wide range of opportunities to practice their musicianship from the start, our graduates can successfully take on the challenges of a working musician. As a result, Rimon graduates become music professionals who work as performers, composers, songwriters, arrangers and producers in Israel and all over the world.


  • We are committed to recognize the individual talents of our students and to provide wide range of curriculum choices that support those talents.

  • We are committed to expose our students to the dynamic world of music in all its genres and the many ways that music enriches the community and allows for cross-cultural understanding and respect.

  • We are committed to give our students the necessary skills they need to build careers as professionals in the music world.



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