Sela Irit

Poetry: This active workshop appeals to creative artists, who either write poetry or lyrics or interpret them musically [by composing them, by adaptation and performance]. Together we discover “how a poem works”. This course deals only with written poetry [not with lyrics]. The artistic text is seen here as a musical score – it tells you how to perform it! The method taught in this course has been developed through years of working with poets. The exercises reveal a syntactic sub-strata beneath the visible poetic one. The method includes exercises, starting with stages of discovering the text followed by rhetorical stages of how to bring the essence of the text across to an audience.
Co-founder and editor of "Helicon Society for the Advancement of Poetry in Israel", Irit Sela had been teaching her method to poets since 1994 and to musicians since 2000. Lately she's been working in Britain with British poets as well.

EMAIL ADDRESS: isela.sela@gmail.com

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