Teacher : Rimon Fauclty
Major Field of Study : Performance
Required Course at : General Performance, Songwriting, Jazz Performance, Music Education
Course Duration : Annual
Weekly Hours : 2
Academic Credits : 4
Course Description :Playing in an ensemble is required at Rimon. Directed group-work on a stylistic repertoire, focusing on the details, feel and style of the arrangement. There are about 50 different ensembles playing on different levels and dealing in different styles: Big Band, Choir, Jazz, Salsa, Reggae, Blues, Funk, Fusion, Israeli Music, Pop, Rock and Ethnic. Each student is placed in an ensemble according to his/her level and style. The ensembles perform existing repertoire as well as original student compositions. Students learn to accept peer criticism and become familiar with actual performance conditions. The various ensembles perform on and off campus and record their work.
Additional Prerequisites : Required ensenble rating and style classification (in part of the ensembles a special audition is required in addition to the above pre requisits).