List of courses

CourseTeacherMajor Field of StudyRequired Course at
Orchestration for Non Conventional Set UpsBenakot Eli Arranging And Orchestration
Accompaniment Techniques for Piano Players Performance
Composing for TheatreKener AvnerComposition
Film EditingTomalak Ehud Additinal Courses
Improvisation Workshop for Drummers IIIHolan Rony Itzkowitz Eitan Improvisation
Jazz AnalysisAgmon GuryListening And AnalysisJazz Performance
Sound for Musicians I Louria David Music And Technology
Accompaniment Applications for Piano PlayersPerformance
Connecting Points in jazz DialectsPalty Arnon, Dr.Listening And Analysis
Film Scoring IBenakot Eli CompositionFilm Scoring
Film Scoring IIBenakot Eli Composition
Fundamentals of Improvisation for VocalistsSalem Ilan Portugali Iris Portugali Ofer ImprovisationGeneral Performance, Jazz Performance
Sound for Musicians IILouria David Music And Technology
The BackstageHanis Udi Additinal Courses
Composition Project for Film Scoring WritersBenakot Eli CompositionComposition And Arranging, Film Scoring
Introduction to Music TechnologyLouria David Music And TechnologyMusic Production And Engineering
Music-Strategy and MarketingCohen Yaron Additinal Courses
The Music of Miles Davis and John ColtraneGiatanopolos Orpheus (Mamelo)Listening And Analysis
Vocal Accompaniment for Piano PlayersPortugali Ofer Performance
Vocal Improvisation WorkshopPortugali Iris Improvisation