List of courses

CourseTeacherMajor Field of StudyRequired Course at
DVD Production and EditingMusic And Technology
Snare Technique IIIDrums Department Faculty Performance
The Rock OperasPalty Arnon, Dr.Listening And Analysis
Essential Styles for DrummersBalaban OrenPerformance
Rock on the 20cRorberger Michael Listening And Analysis
Rock DrummingNakav NirPerformance
The History of the MusicalKatzen TamiListening And Analysis
Introduction to Ethnic MusicDalal Yair Listening And Analysis
Polyrhythmic DrummingNakav NirPerformance
Andalusian and Moroccan MusicDalal Yair Ben Simhon Yoel Listening And Analysis
Latin Percussion WorkshopDobrecky Gilad Performance
African Percussion WorkshopDobrecky Gilad Performance
The Latin Music & SalsaKnopf Fernando Listening And Analysis
Percussions and Rhythms in Eastern CulturesMonk ErezPerformance
The Fundamentals of Indian MusicCohen Ron "Shpatz" Performance
"How Was I?"Eder Yehuda Levy MoshePerformanceGeneral Performance
Song Interpretation for VocalistsNadav-Chaimovitz Yuval Performance
Stage Performance for VocalistsPerformance
Performing Songs from Musicals and TheatreKatzen TamiPerformance
Repertoire for Jazz VocalistsPortugali Iris Performance