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Our commitment to excellence in music education has been rewarded with a very special relationship with the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. Every year, members of the faculty of Berklee visit Rimon. They participate in special workshops, master classes and audition prospective students for scholarships at Berklee.

A special two-way Articulation Agreement between Rimon and Berklee enables students to continue learning and complete their degree at Berklee or Rimon. Deserving students receive generous scholarships towards their studies. Most of the Rimon students that have participated in the Articulation program at Berklee have graduated with honors.

More About Berklee International Contemporary Music Education Network

With the help of Lee Elliot Berk, former President of Berklee, Rimon became one of the founding members of BIN – Berklee International Network. BIN is a shared endeavor, designed to promote effective contemporary music education among its members. By establishing an open and creative dialogue between musicians and educators from different countries, BIN improves the quality of musical studies worldwide.

BIN’s European members include the L'AULA de Música Moderna i Jazz – Conservatori Liceu in Barcelona, Spain, the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens, Greece, the Music Academy International in Nancy, France, Germany's Jazz & Rock Schule in Freiburg, the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory and the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and the New Park Music Centre in Dublin, Ireland. In the Far East, BIN is represented in Japan by the Koyo Conservatory in Kobe, the Seoul Jazz Academy in Seoul, Korea and the International College of Music (ICOM), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.South American participants include, the Instituto de Música Contemporánea, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador and the Conservatorio Musical Souza Lima in São Paulo, Brazil


Here are some highlights of the Berklee/Rimon exchange program.

Transferring students from Rimon:

1. Can apply credits from Rimon and graduate from Berklee within 2 years

2. Plan their courses and schedule prior to their arrival at Berklee

3. Can be recommended by Rimon for financial support from Berklee scholarship funds 
























Level 1: Required Transfer Elements. Essential Music Core Courses at Berklee College of Music

Rimon School

Berklee College of Music


Equivalent to:

Harmony in the Idiom of Jazz popular Music I

(Formaly-Harmony in the Be-Bop Idiom) 

Harmony in the Idiom of Jazz popular Music II

(Formaly-Modal Harmony)

HR-111 Harmony 1 (2)

HR-112 Harmony 2 (2)

HR-211 Harmony 3 (2)

HR-212 Harmony 4 (2)

Basic Music Theory

Traditional Harmony 1

Traditional Harmony 2

Counterpoint 1 (2)

Counterpoint 2 (2)

CM-211 Traditional Harmony and Comp 1 (2)*

CM-212 Traditional Harmony and Comp 2 (2)*

CP-211 Traditional Counterpoint 1 (2)*

CP-212 Traditional Counterpoint 2 (2)*

* Required in Berklee degree program and in

some  writing diploma programs

Arranging for the Rhythm Section

AR-111 Arranging 1 (2)

Ear Training 1

Ear Training 2

ET-111 Ear Training 1 (3)

ET-112 Ear Training 2 (3)

ET-211 Ear Training 3 (2) or ET-231 Solfege 1 (2)*

ET-212 Ear Training 4 (2) or ET-232 Solfege 2 (2)*

* Some Berklee majors require Solfege 1 & 2.

MIDI Recording  in the Home Studio

Audio Recording  in the Home Studio

MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology (2)

PW-161 Technology Tools for the Writer (2)*

*Required in some writing majors; otherwise, applicable as general elective credit.

Primary (Major) Instrument Class (2 years study required)

Private lesson credit does not transfer directly.

All students, including transfer students, are generally expected to take four semesters of private lessons at Berklee.

Placement and transfer credit are individually determined.

Transferring Rimon students should see the Assistant to

the Dean of the Performance Division for advice and placement.


Rimon students will receive up to five transfer credits in ensembles (one credit per semester).


Note on Performance studies: Rimon students are expected

to enroll in Principal Instrument and Ensemble during

each semester of enrollment at Rimon.

















Level 2: Optional Transfer Elements. Courses that are either General Electives or Required in Certain Programs at Berklee College of Music. NOTE: All Level 1 courses/transfers must be completed before activation of this list.

Rimon School

Berklee College of Music


AR-112 Arranging 2 (2)*
AR-201 Chord Scale Voicings for Arr (2)*


CM-231 Instrumentation and Score Prep (2)*

CW-341 Scoring for Strings (2)*

*Required in some writing majors; otherwise, applicable
as general elective credit.

History of Jazz

LHAN-221 History of Jazz (2)

Improvisation for Melodic & Harmonic Instruments

(Formaly-Basic Improvisation Workshop)


Improvisation in the Bebop Idiom

PSIJ-221 Jazz Improvisation Techniques 1 (2)

Improvisation in the Post Bebop Idiom

PSIJ-321 Jazz Improvisation Techniques 2 (2)

Advanced Symphonic Orchestration

CW-441 Scoring for Full Orchestra (2)

Ear Training 3

ET-412 Advanced Ear Training 2 (2)

Rhythmic Ear Training 2

ET-341 Rhythmic Ear Training (2)

Harmonic Ear Training 2

ET-331 Harmonic Ear Training 1 (2)

ET-332 Harmonic Ear Training 2 (2)

Music Notation by hand

CW-204 Music Preparation 1 (2)

20st Century Composition Styles 
(Formaly- Comp in the Styles of the 20th Century)

LHAN-312 Style Analysis of 20th C. Music (2)

The Music of Miles Davis and John Coltrane

(Formaly- The Music of Miles Davis)

LHAN-351 The Music of Miles Davis (2)

Jazz Solo Transcription

ET-451 Jazz Solo Transcription (2)

Polyrhythm Workshop

ILPD-235 Polyrhythms 1 (.5)

Six courses:

Fundamentals in improvisation for Vocalists

Drama for Vocalists 1 and 2
Vocal Improvisation Workshop
stage Performance for vocalists
Song Interpretation for Vocalists

PSVC-365 Stage Performance Workshop - Jazz Standards

Secondary Keyboard (1st year)

ISKB-211, 212 Basic Keyboard Techniques 1-2 (1,1)

History of Western Music

LHAN-211 History of Western Music 1 (2)*

LHAN-212 History of Western Music 2 (2)*

*Required in Berklee degree program


COND-211 Conducting 1 (1)*

*Required in Berklee degree program

Bass Lines

PSBS-341 Jazz Masters of the Bass (2)

LHAN-237 Contemporary Electric Bass Styles
























Level 3: Transfer Elements Implied but not Guaranteed. Cognate Courses that are either General Electives or Required in Certain Programs at Berklee College of Music; Transferring Students must see the Department Chair to discuss possible Curriculum Transfer or Credit-by-

Rimon School

Berklee College of Music

Movies and Music

FS-221 Introduction to Film Scoring (2)*

Rimon students who seek this equivalency will be required to take a challenge exam.  The student should contact the Film Scoring Chair upon arrival at Berklee.  Course materials for FS -221 are on file at the Rimon School

Fundamentals of Sound

Acoustics and Psychoacousics

GMSC-209 Applications of Music Acoustics (3)*

*See the MP&E Department Chair for information



* These courses may be applied for equivalent credits as shown, limited by the total transfer of 48 credit allowed for diploma students and 60 for degree students. 


Some of these courses are required in certain Berklee majors. Transferring students should consider their planned majors as the maximum allowable transfer llmit of 48 credites for diploma and 60 for degree is approached 







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