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"Coming to Israel through the Rimon International Music program was a great decision. My year was so full of intense and influencing experiences, that I don't even remember how life felt before. I learned so much about the country and its people, but I still feel I don't know anything yet, because Israel is such an amazingly diverse place. Being able to pursue my passion by studying at Rimon School, while having a true Israel-experience is a great deal, and I'm highly thankful for getting this opportunity."

Moritz Bard (Rimon Student 2011-2012) from Germany


The Rimon International Music Program is a Masa Israel Journey - accredited program. Masa Israel, a joint project of the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel, connects young Jewish adults to gap year, study abroad, post-college, and volunteer programs. No other organization makes it easier for young adults to have exciting, meaningful experiences in Israel. Rimon International Music Program participants join a community of over 10,000 Masa Israel participants each year, and have the opportunity to take part in Masa Israel Community programming and events throughout their time in Israel. The Rimon International Music Program is also open to non-Masa eligible participants.

The Rimon International Music Experience is more than just an academic program. It is a comprehensive program including a wide variety of extra-curricular programs designed to enhance your music studies and deepen your connection with Israel. Activities include: fun and interesting trips, seminars across the country to engage in issues affecting Israel today, a chance to meet minority communities, learning about Israeli culture and specifically music, art and culture, learning about the thriving high tech culture, Jewish holidays and much more. You will take the time to see beyond the walls of your classrooms and get to know Israel in depth 


Some examples of tours/ seminars include:

Seminar Days on topics such as:
Sderot and the Disengagement from Gaza
Haifa- A City of Religious Diversity
Religion and the State in Israel
Remembrance and Celebration in Israeli society
Tel Aviv: The White City

Overnight Tours:

The Galilee and Golan

The Negev Desert

Jerusalem and Judean dessert


The Rimon International Music Program begins with a month long orientation to spend a few weeks intensively studying Hebrew and preparatory theory crash course at the Rimon School while providing a complimentary educational program with volunteering and tours in your spare time.

All educational programming will be conducted in English, though the academic program at Rimon will be in Hebrew. As a reminder, all participants will need to come with a Hebrew foundation to understand Rimon curriculum.

As an enrolled student, you will have the option to receive housing through the program. The residences are in an absorption center in the commercial and residential center of Raanana, a city bordering Ramat Hasharon, and a short bus ride of around 30 minutes to the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Ra'anana is a vibrant city that since it's founding over 100 years ago has been a successful center of absorption, specifically for immigrants from English, French and Spanish speaking countries though the city comprises a majority of Israelis. The city is located next to the beautiful beach city of Herzeliyah and a bus ride to Tel Aviv of about an hour (10 miles). Ra’anana is a thriving metropolitan center filled with parks, cultural centers and commercial areas.


The apartments are two bedroom apartments with shared room accommodations.  The picture below will give you a general idea of the accommodations. We will be housing 4 people per apartment, and there are options to have a single room at an additional cost based on availability. Our apartments are close to major bus routes and located close to commercial and social areas including grocery stores, banks, gyms, and synagogues for those interested. The apartments are equipped with basic furnishings and basic kitchen utensils. You will share the bathroom, kitchen and living areas. The absorption center also has communal areas with cable television, laundry facilities, meeting areas, and more. The accommodations will be about a 35 minute bus ride to Rimon.   

Monthly bus passes are provided by the program that will allow travel in the central region including the city of Raanana, the Rimon School and the greater Tel Aviv area.


Students on the Rimon International Music Program who receive a grant/scholarship through Masa (www.masaisrael.org/) are expected to contribute to Israeli society as part of their responsibilities as participants on the program. 2 hours per week are dedicated to community service projects. You will be given a wide range of choices that match your interests and skills. Many placements involve music, allowing you to utilize your artistic and musical skills on behalf of the community.



The Rimon program is a music-based academic program in Hebrew, thus, it is essential that you come to the program with basic conversational Hebrew. Our interest is your success in the program, so it is essential that you have reached a certain level of Hebrew before entering. One way to check your Hebrew level is to use the following clip (located at this link) of a few minutes from a sample lecture to make sure you can understand the academic material. We do not expect students to be fluent and make efforts to accommodate your Hebrew level by providing tests in English.

We see your continuing Hebrew studies as an essential component of the program. You will begin with an intensive Hebrew study of 60+ hours and we will try to infuse Hebrew learning whenever possible into the orientation. Once the academic portion of the program begins in October, you will continue with Hebrew study 1-2 times a week through the academic year (based on your schedule). 

We encourage you to do all that you can to improve your Hebrew level before coming on the program. Some options include local language exchanges, classes at your local Jewish community centers, and books to study on your own.

Here are some websites that might help in the process:

Ulpanor.com – This is an intensive Hebrew program that past Israel Experience participants have recommended.
You can also check out
eteacherhebrew.com/  or search for free Hebrew podcasts online.
Some participants have also recommended Rosetta stone.



You will have comprehensive medical insurance from the start day until the end day of the program through the Harel insurance company. The insurance covers all of your basic medical needs while on the program, though the health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Before the start of the program we will send you detailed information about the specific health insurance policy.


Sample Schedule for Rimon International Music Program during the Academic Year**
**Please note that this is just a sample schedule and each participant’s schedule could look different based on the field of study.
The first month of the program will have a different schedule than the rest of the year. You will receive a tentative schedule before the start of the program.








Most weekends are free to explore, travel and rest and practice. Masa organizes some weekends for participants and we will have optional activities/provide options for local activities going on.

Class time

Class time

Class time

Class time



Class time

Class time

Class time


Time to practice

Jewish classes- optional/ optional lecture


Time to practice



The Israel Experience, a leading company in educational tourism since 1958 and one of the subsidiaries of the Jewish Agency, is responsible for all aspects of the program, outside of your academic studies, including accommodations, trips, transport, health insurance, staff support, visas and more. You are supported by Israel Experience with trained and knowledgeable guides and coordinators who will work to make your time here the best possible. For more information about the Israel Experience, feel free to check out www.theisraelexperience.org/. The staff can be contacted at rimon@israelexperience.org.il.


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