Admission Requirements


Since the Rimon International Music Program is a music-based academic program in Hebrew, it is essential that all participants come to the program with basic conversational Hebrew. We encourage you to do all that you can to improve your Hebrew level before you come as it will be to your personal benefit.

For more information regarding the Hebrew Requirements, please click here

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Admission requirements include passing the musical audition with the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, completion of the entire registration documents, and payment of the program in full.

Applicants with no previous knowledge in theory may still be accepted to Rimon. In this case they are required to take a 3 weeks crash course in basic theory (Notation, Intervals, Scales, Chords and clefs) during the first month of the program as a prerequisite to beginning course work.  In addition, previous knowledge in the fields of study can enable students to enter courses at higher levels and graduate Rimon in less than 3 years.

Those that have a deep theoretical background but less practical musical experience might also be eligible to enter in beginning music courses. This will be decided based on your audition sent to the program and communication with the Rimon School director, Amikam Kimelman, once you have filled out an initial application.

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